The MESI-STRAT Consortium

15 Partners from seven European countries conribute to MESI-STRAT:

Jointly with modelers and experimentalists at the University of Newcastle, UK (Dr. Shanley) and the Charité in Berlin, Germany (Prof. Sers), work at the University of Innsbruck  (Prof. Thedieck) focuses on oncogenic signaling through the mTOR and MAPK networks. Experimentalists and modelers at the German Cancer Research Center (DKFZ, Dr. Opitz), the University of Bergen, Norway (Prof. Ziegler), the University of Tromso, Norway (Prof. Heiland) and Neuroimmun GmbH, Karlsruhe, Germany (Dr. Kellner) focus on metabolic networks centered on tryptophan and NAD metabolism.

Model and data management and analyses are conducted by HITS, Heidelberg (PD Dr. Müller) and the University of Bergen (Dr. Grellscheid). PD-value B.V. (Elassaiss-Schaap, Tektemur-Altay) in Utrecht, The Netherlands customizes our models for the pharma sector.

Our computational models are developed, individualized, and validated based on patient derived in vitro and in vivo models from Dr. Serra (Vall d’Hebron Institute of Oncology, Barcelona, Spain) and Prof. van den Eynde (De Duve Institute, Brussels, Belgium), and patient samples from clinical trials within and associated with MESI-STRAT. The MESI-STRAT clinical trials are coordinated by the clinician scientist Dr. Opitz (DKFZ), and conducted by PATH Biobank (Dr. Anzeneder) and the Medical University Innsbruck
(Dr. Daniel Egle) supported by the University Hospital Heidelberg.

Prof. Dr. Kathrin Thedieck
MESI-STRAT Coordinator
Leader WP8 – Project Coordination

Dr. Kathrin Lerchl
MESI-STRAT Co-coordinator
Leader WP1 – MESI-Repository
Co-leader WP9 – MESI-Impact

Dr. Christiane Opitz
Clinical Trial Coordinator
Leader WP6 – Clinical Studies and Longitudal Analyses

Dr. Wolfgang Müller
Leader WP2 – MESI-SEEK
Model and Data Management Platform

Dr. Sushma Grellscheid
Co-leader WP2 – MESI-SEEK
Model and Data Management Platform

Prof. Dr. Christine Sers
Leader WP3 – Signalling Data

Prof. Dr. Mathias Ziegler
Leader WP4 – Metabolic Data

Dr. Daryl Shanley
Leader WP5 – Systems Biomedicine

OA Dr. Daniel Egle
Leader WP7 – Clinical Trials and Preclinical Drug Tests

Dr. med. Steffen P. Luntz
Clinical Data Management, Pharmacovigilance, Clinical Monitoring

Basak Tektemur Altay MBA, MSc.
Leader WP9 – MESI-Impact

Prof. Dr. Ines Heiland
Co-leader WP5 – Systems Biomedicine

Dr. Karl-Heinz Kellner
Metabolite diagnostics

Dr. Violeta Serra
Patient derived breast cancer models

Prof. Dr. Benoit van den Eynde
Cancer immunology


Prof. Dr. Barbara Bakker
Partner WP4 and 5 – Metabolic Data and Systems Biomedicine

This project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement No 754688.